• Feb 22, 2017
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5 Tips: How To Accessorize Like A Designer

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Contributed By: April Force Pardoe

Accessories are the finishing touches in your home. Pillows, artwork, photos, mirrors, rugs, vases and collectibles are the pieces that make a room feel complete, finished and personalized. Follow the below tips to make the most of your accessories and create a beautifully finished room.

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1. It’s all about shapes. When accessorizing consider the shape of the objects, not the actual objects (although you should love the objects in your home). If you are stuck creating a great vignette, look at what you already have and see what shape is missing - tall? short? round? thin? Look for an object that is the shape you need to fit the bill and you will create a pleasing combination. Vary heights and weights and group in odd numbers to get started.

2. Let color be your guide. Whether you are a creating a display of art or looking for a perfect combination of treasures for a sofa table, try grouping items by color. A side table with 5 blue accessories grouped together has such a lovely impact. Organize your collections by color and display them around your home that way.

3. Size matters. If you have a large wall to fill think big. Using large accessories and art makes a room feel larger and eliminates visual clutter. A 12’ x 12’ wall should to be filled about two thirds with art to make it feel complete. One large piece or three medium pieces, versus 20 smaller pieces grouped together, will open your space.

4. Mirror, mirror on the wall. If you are using a mirror check the view—what are you reflecting? The ceiling? A ceiling fan or staircase? A mirror placed on a mantle often doesn’t reflect anything worth looking at. Instead, place mirrors where they will reflect light from a window (doubling the view), a lovely piece of art or offer you a last minute glance on your way out of the house.

5. Love it! Finally, look at all of your accessories. If you don’t love them don’t display them. Surround yourself with pieces that make you smile when you see them. They should hold memories, tell stories or simply look stunning in your home. Take some time to consider each piece and edit as needed. 

April Force Pardoe is interior designer and owner of AFP Interiors.

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