Laminate from Quick Step

Laminate was first introduced as an alternative flooring option to hardwood. The beginning was rough, and there was a definite difference between the two. Then manufacturers like Quick Step developed solutions and adopted technology to bring laminate flooring into the 21st century and gave it authentic looks with superior durability. Quick Step laminate is one of our popular alternatives to hardwood here at Buddy Allen Carpet One Floor & Home.

Quick Step laminate flooring

Two of Quick Step’s laminate lines are NatureTEK™ and NatureTEK™ PLUS, both of which are positioned as alternatives to hardwood flooring. NatureTEK™ PLUS is a performance wood look flooring option. It is a waterproof flooring system that has brought about a new generation of laminate flooring. These laminate floors are ideal for homes with families who have children and pets because they provide superior protection from everyday spills and can withstand wet mopping.

NatureTEK™ PLUS laminate floors give you the real elegance of hardwood but are built to handle life better. They are built to be protected against wear, stains, and even active households allowing you to have worry-free floors. The planks are made with four specialized layers that made the floors super durable.

If you’d like to learn more about Quick Step laminate, come visit us at our Nashville showroom.