Premium stain resistance and appearance retention from STAINMASTER


STAINMASTER carpet Nashville, TN

We at Buddy Allen Carpet One carry only the best names in carpet in our Nashville, TN showroom. One of our featured brands is Bigelow STAINMASTER. Bigelow STAINMASTER, as you can imagine, comes with the reliability you’d expect from a STAINMASTER carpet.

How has STAINMASTER continued to be the leader in stain resistant carpet even after 30 years? It utilizes special type 6.6 nylon fiber in its carpets. These fibers are extremely strong, so they are difficult to stain. Also, the fibers offer outstanding appearance retention even in high traffic areas.

STAINMASTER, in addition to the special fibers, offers a Lotus FX fiber shield. This shield prevents soil and other particles from sticking to the carpet’s surface. All particles can therefore be easily vacuumed and removed from the surface.

It’s difficult to describe a STAINMASTER carpet without mentioning the special stain protection. This protection, which is of course exclusive to STAINMASTER, repels any and every stain. Plus, since it’s chemically bonded with heat, the protection will never wear off, even after steam cleanings.

We service Nashville, Mt Juliet, Hendersonville, and surrounding areas.


Type 6,6 Fibers

STAINMASTER carpets have type 6,6 fibers, which are extremely strong and resilient.  These fibers will not crush under heavy foot traffic, and their colors and patterns will not fade over time.

Permanent Stain Treatment

All STAINMASTER carpets have a permanent stain treatment, so they are perfect for busy family rooms and living rooms.

Lotus FX FIber Shield

The Lotus FX Fiber Shield prevents dirt and other particles from ever sticking to the surface.  So, after simple vacuuming, STAINMASTER carpets will look as good as new.