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Hardwood Flooring in Nashville, TN

If you’re looking for hardwood flooring near you in Nashville, TN, we always suggest visiting your local flooring store. At Buddy Allen Carpet One Floor & Home in Nashville, we’re proud to be your one-stop source for all of your hardwood flooring needs. We can help you navigate the world of hardwood flooring, paying close attention to your signature style, as well as the needs of your space depending on the climate.



While Hardwood flooring continues to be a popular option for both residential and commercial settings throughout the nation, there are certain types of hardwood that may be more suitable to your space, depending on the climate and area. Since your new hardwood floor can represent a serious investment, we can help you confidently explore all of your options, with incredible results. Keep reading for more guidelines on the best hardwood flooring options for you.


What Types of Hardwood Flooring Do You Offer?


When it comes to hardwood flooring, you can choose from many different domestic and exotic tree species: each one offering its own unique potential. Among the many choices are maple, pine, mahogany, oak, birch, and cherry. Our design experts can help you determine which species is right for you since each type of hardwood performs differently. We carry premium flooring brands like:



Did you know? Our most popular hardwood flooring here in Nashville, TN is Oak!


Solid vs. Engineered Hardwood: Which One Works Best For Me?


There are two types of hardwood flooring: solid hardwood and engineered hardwood. The most traditional option, solid hardwood is built from solid strips of wood, with nothing added.




Did you know? Our local customers prefer the look and feel of engineered hardwood, thanks to its water-resistant and durable nature. Less warping and more happy floors? Yes, please?


Do You Offer Waterproof Hardwood Options?


Yes! Uniting the authentic grains and patterns of natural hardwood with the moisture-endurance of a synthetic, Hydrotek™ H20 just might be the greatest thing to happen to hardwood flooring to date. Benefits of our waterproof engineered flooring include:





Where Can My Hardwood Flooring Be Installed?


When it comes to installing new hardwood flooring, location is everything. Solid hardwood should be limited to cool, dry spaces: like bedrooms and living rooms. An engineered hardwood floor, however, can work out well in higher traffic areas, including stairs and hallways. Keep in mind that hardwood should usually be avoided in kitchens and bathrooms, due to the potential for humidity and moisture. However, we do have waterproof hardwood flooring for these areas. Plus, we offer professional installations and warranties on all of our flooring options, so you never need to stress.


Our Hardwood Selection


With a wide collection of solid and engineered hardwood on display in our showroom, our onsite professionals have decades of expertise to help you find the perfect hardwood floor for your home or business, to fit your every need. Buddy Allen Carpet One Floor & Home offers many high-quality hardwood options, making us greater Nashville’s destination for all of your flooring needs. We carry many beloved hardwood flooring brands, including Carpet One Floor & Home exclusive brands unavailable at your local big-box store. Among our current inventory are hardwood selections made by Quick Step, Mannington, Hanover Hills, Stonewood, and Chesapeake Flooring.



Ready to invest in your hardwood flooring? Visit Buddy Allen Carpet One Floor & Home in Nashville, TN, for all your flooring needs.



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Hardwood Maintenance


Keep your hardwood flooring looking beautiful

year after year. Follow these helpful flooring care tips

from the Carpet One pros.