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Luxury Vinyl Flooring in Nashville, TN

Luxury vinyl flooring has become a popular choice in residential and commercial settings because it combines natural style with premium comfort and performance. Buddy Allen Carpet One Floor & Home in Nashville, Tennessee, is your local flooring store, and we offer a top selection of modern vinyl products. Luxury vinyl flooring is one of the fastest-growing flooring categories on the market. It combines the authentic looks of natural hardwood, tile, and stone, with the durability you expect from a synthetic product. It’s also hypoallergenic, easy to clean, water-repellent, affordable, and simple to install. What’s not to love? Visit our showroom to browse our luxury vinyl flooring selection and talk to our experts or start browsing our luxury vinyl inventory online to get started now.


Types of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury vinyl is a great hard-surface flooring option for homes. Luxury vinyl comes in two different choices - luxury vinyl tile flooring and vinyl plank flooring. These two LV types can mimic their natural counterparts, tile, and hardwood.


Luxury Vinyl Planks – LVP flooring is available in long, wood-look panels that may be flexible or rigid. Each panel has a highly detailed hardwood design layer that gives the floor an authentic appearance. We offer extra-wide plank flooring, which is more cost-effective and much less likely to warp than natural wide plank hardwood floors. Many collections also have beveled edges, varying tones from plank to plank, and even differing lengths. The planks are often textured at the surface to match grain patterns, knots, and other visual features. They are also water-repellent, warp-resistant, and able to handle wear and tear without staining, denting, or scratching.


Luxury Vinyl Tiles – LVT flooring comes in square modules that emulate natural stone, ceramic, and porcelain. Each tile has a textured surface and varied imagery. Thanks to its synthetic construction, vinyl tiles are less likely to crack from foot traffic or dropped objects. Many options also have a cushioned underlayment that makes the floor more comfortable to walk on. This can also improve insulation and noise absorption, so the surface is quieter to walk on. Some vinyl tile flooring collections can be grouted, while others have a simple click-lock or glue-down installation system.


What is Wood-Look Luxury Vinyl?

Humidity isn’t your hardwood floor’s friend, but that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve your favorite look. Wood-look luxury vinyl flooring presents the perfect hardwood alternative. Encompassing realistic hardwood textures and manufactured resilience, this synthetic flooring brings fantastic options to all your favorite spaces. Consider it your secret weapon against humidity, wear, and heavy usage. Wood-look luxury vinyl flooring is available in hundreds of different grains and finishes, making it easy to embrace the look of your favorite hardwood, minus the constant hassles. It’s a lot more affordable than the real thing and is readily customized. Cleaning your wood-look luxury vinyl floor is truly a breeze. It never needs to be polished or refinished. Certain varieties of this flooring are fully waterproof.


Advantages of Luxury Vinyl

What makes luxury vinyl such a popular option? Let’s look at some of its advantages:


Natural style: Luxury vinyl flooring is specially made to look like real hardwood or stone. Because of advancements in digital printing, these looks are truly authentic, so much so that it’s difficult to distinguish between luxury vinyl and its natural counterparts. For wood looks, be sure to choose vinyl plank flooring, but for stone looks, vinyl tile flooring is a better option.


Premium performance: Unlike hardwood and stone, luxury vinyl flooring can handle anything life throws its way. It will resist scratches and scuffs, and it also does well to handle moisture. So, luxury vinyl can be installed anywhere in the home.


Innovative installations: Most luxury vinyl flooring options feature “click” installations. With this type of installation, the vinyl planks or tiles will click together to float over the subfloor without any messy adhesives.


Is Luxury Vinyl Flooring Waterproof?

For the most part, all luxury vinyl floors are considered moisture-resistant, but some options are entirely waterproof. Waterproof vinyl flooring has a watertight surface and a strong waterproof core that prevents the planks and tiles from warping when exposed to moisture. This core also stops spills from reaching the subfloor and makes wiping up messes easy. Waterproof luxury vinyl flooring has a good many benefits. Made to capture realistic natural textures, including hardwood and stone, waterproof luxury vinyl can be installed in countless incarnations for a unique composition. It’s sturdy enough to handle heavy use, and its watertight core means you’ll never stress over unseen spills. Waterproof vinyl plank flooring is a popular solution for homeowners who want the look of hardwood in their bathroom or kitchen, while waterproof vinyl tiles are an easy and affordable alternative to real tile. 


Where Can Luxury Vinyl Be Installed?

With luxury vinyl, almost no room is off-limits. It can withstand the foot traffic you typically see in commercial spaces, apartments, condos, vacation rentals, and it is stylish enough for bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. Bathroom and kitchen vinyl flooring is a growing trend. Installing vinyl plank flooring and vinyl floor tiles is generally simple and versatile. They can be put in as a floating floor, as well as glued down. Vinyl tiles can even be grouted if you want that extra touch of realism. Or, go grout-less and save yourself time and labor. Your floor will look beautiful and natural either way with LV flooring. 


Preparing For Installation

Luxury vinyl plank and tile were designed for a quick and straightforward installation. Some products can lock into place for a floating floor, while others come with a self-adhesive. Regardless of the products or path you choose, you’ll need to prep your room in advance. This entails the thorough removal of all old flooring, debris, and adhesives. What remains should be clean and fully dry before installation.


Our Luxury Vinyl Selection

Buddy Allen Carpet One Floor & Home is your local source for all things flooring. As a member of the Carpet One Floor & Home cooperative, we can negotiate great prices with suppliers. This means we can bring you low vinyl prices for quality products. Our showroom also features top luxury vinyl flooring brands that are exclusive to our store, including COREtecMannington AduraQuick-Step , Invincible™, Earthscapes™, and VERÓSTONE™. We proudly serve Nashville, Mount Juliet, Hendersonville, and surrounding areas!




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Kitchen and Bathroom Flooring

As tough as it is beautiful, luxury vinyl gives us plenty

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How to Clean Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Caring for your vinyl floors is easier than

you  think. A simple sweep can keep your floors looking beautiful.




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